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Christa’s South Seashells & Jewelry, has been making a signature line of seashell creations for 20 years, now. My thumbprint is all over Palm Beach mansions, Miami hotels and clubs, New York City and beyond. I have worked with some of the best designers, landscape architects and architects, and have learned from them. Clients have lent great ideas, as well as books and magazines, but my greatest inspirations were seeing grottoes in Italy, and  my trips to Pompeii.

So, from Minimalist to over-the-top Baroque, Christa’s South can create a unique shell or coral piece, or pieces, that will blend nicely with contemporary decor as well as very formal Louis XV.  It’s amazing how many directions the medium can take.  We can antique and make objects look like artifacts found at the bottom of the sea after 500 years.  We can “grow” barnacles on things, for instance, or darken a piece to give patina and “age”. Organic looks can be easily achieved, as well as complex, symmetrical designs or mosaics.

Although we have a showroom full of seashell creations ready to take home, Christa’s South has a 2,000 square foot atelier where we make all of our custom creations. There is a  wood shop, so we can build furniture and make our own mirror frames. We use the appropriate glues, epoxies and silicone for each project. If it is a lighting fixture to hang  outdoors, say, the base will be powder coated. If it is a mirror, it will be built of marine quality woods, using stainless-steel fittings and sturdy “J” clip-systems to hang larger pieces. We also do a bang-up job of fine art crating,  of course. Also, we have never missed a deadline. We are timely and professional.

From bookends and an unusual pair of earrings to a room full of shell panels, Christa’s South can do it all.

Please call me (561 655-4650), talk to me and let’s create something unforgettable for YOUR client or YOU!

Christa Wilm


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